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GEMSA Board of Director Candidates 2019

Please read the biographical information below about the candidates and why they want to be on the board or elected as a division vice president. You will get to vote for three at-large candidates and 1 vice president in your division.  See more voting instructions on the bottom of this page.

Voting closes on September 20, 2019, so vote today!  

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AT-LARGE CANDIDATES (in alphabetical order by last name)

Marcus Crowe

I have worked in EMS full time for 20 years.  I started with Walton and Jackson Counties.  I have worked for CHOA and at air life as well.  Now I am the program director and lead instructor for the EMS program at Morgan County High School College and Career Academy.  I continue to work weekends and school holidays at Walton County.  I would like to serve on the board to contribute to the continued advancement of our profession, as well as the improvement of our educational programs.

Chad D. Black (incumbent)

I would like to thank both the membership and Board of GEMSA for allowing me the privilege to serve as both a board member for the past 5 ½ years, and Chairman for the past two years. This is one of the highest honors ever bestowed upon me and I am humbled by the opportunity to serve.  I will continue to work hard to improve EMS in our state and will always hold the position of Board Member with the highest integrity and commitment, if you allow me another term to serve.

I am energized and excited about what all GEMSA is accomplishing, and I want to continue to be part of these exciting times! From our conferences that have over 800 attendees a year combined, to our work with the Trauma Commission and all the classes that GEMSA is coordinating statewide with that funding!  Our work on the legislative side has been extremely important over the past two years, especially this past legislative session where several bills related to EMS, that would not have been good for the industry were introduced. We worked hard to assure these would either have language amended so they would better represent what EMS truly needed, or work to see they never made it to a vote. In the end, none of the pieces of legislation made it out of this past session. We have also been working hard on the Ambulance Upper Payment Limit that was introduced early in 2019, this also, while good for EMS, did not include EMS as a whole, and would have only benefited a few services overall in the state, 20 to be exact. We again, worked hard to get this to where today, EMS as a whole can benefit if they so choose to, and for those who are not hospital based, they can form an Intergovernmental Agreement with a Hospital Authority and participate in the Ambulance UPL Program, and see an increase in their Medicaid reimbursement.

These are just some of the issues we have worked hard on for our industry, of course there are many more that we currently continue to work on.  As always, I appreciate each and everyone of you for being a member of such an outstanding organization (GEMSA), the board we have are all professionals and committed to meeting the needs and working hard on difficult issues, I hope to continue to be part of such an outstanding group!  I humbly ask for your vote for another term to serve as a Board Member for GEMSA and continue the good work for another 2 years!

Scott Eisele

Spending a life-long career in the people business has taught me what it means to serve people.  Whether in the U.S. Army, the Fire/EMS service, or now as a Safety Engineer/EMT.  I know how to meet the people's needs in several workplaces and in helping others in general.  It would be my pleasure to serve the board in the EMS arena.

Bill Hardy

I am interested in a board member position. I have been in EMS for 20+ years. I have been a Paramedic for 18 years, most of it in Region 1. Over my career in EMS I have held position of supervisor and been on numerous special response teams including currently being a member of the DART team here in Region 1. I have continued my education with a Bachelors and Masters in Management. I have seen a lot of changes come and go over the last 20+ years. I would like to bring my clinical experience along with my leadership experience and educational background to help as a board member of GEMSA. I have benefited from educational opportunities offered by GEMSA and believe in the work that GEMSA does. I feel that I would make a good board member for the upcoming term.

Christopher James

I have been in the fire service for 33 years and have been the Augusta Fire Chief for the past 8 years.  I became an EMT in 1997 and a Paramedic in 1999.  As the Fire Chief, I am responsible for the first responder and EMS services provided by the Augusta Fire Department to the citizens and visitors of Richmond County.  I have over 300 emergency medical health care providers that I am accountable for.  I would like to be a board member because I am passionate about the necessity of affordable, effective, and efficient emergent pre-hospital services throughout the State of Georgia in all communities.  I believe that, as a Board Member, I can have a positive impact in helping to improve the quality, sustainability, and capability of the Emergency Medical Service System in Georgia.

Jon Johnson

Jon has over twenty years serving the EMS community.  He holds a Paramedic Diploma from Louisiana Technical College, a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Northwestern State University, and a Master’s in Business Administration from Louisiana State University.  His current role, Trauma Outreach Coordinator for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, provides him the opportunity to interface with a multitude of different agencies that transport pediatric patients in to the two Pediatric Trauma Centers in the Atlanta area.  Jon also works part-time with Jackson County Emergency Services and is a volunteer with North Jackson Fire Services.  Prior to joining Children’s, Jon held a leadership role at Med-Trans Corporation, a leader in the air medical industry.  Jon has also served as a commissioner for the Louisiana EMS Certification Commission, is an author and contributor for the Transport Provider Advanced Trauma Course and the Air and Surface Patient Transport: Principles and Practices book.    I have a passion for EMS and want to continue to see growth and success in areas of professionalism, expanded scope of practice, and alternative delivery of care.  GEMSA serves as a voice for the providers, and I want to help with this voice. 

Marty Robinson

I began as a firefighter in 1985 - 1995 attaining the rank of Sergeant. I became an EMT in 1991 and a Paramedic in 1993. I worked for Polk County Ems for 16 years before transitioning to Redmond Ems in 2009. I was a shift Supervisor at Polk County and a Captain with Redmond until 2015 when I was promoted to Major. In 2016 I was promoted to Service Director. We provide 911 Ems services in 3 NW Georgia Counties. We serve 3 zones in Floyd Co., all of Polk Co. by contract and all of Chattooga County by contract. I would like to become a Board member because I want to be more active on the State level. I feel that Ems is in a critical juncture for the future and would like to bring my experience to the table. Decisions will be made in the near future that will shape the future of our profession and I would like to have a part in the future of the profession that I love and have spent the majority of my life serving in. Thanks for your consideration.

John Sartain

Began my public safety career in 1992 as an EMT working in Madison County and Franklin County.  In 2000 I went to work with St. Mary's Hospital EMS in Athens, as I finished Paramedic school.  I worked as a field Medic, then Supervisor and eventually Manager of EMS.  During this time I also became an instructor in various AHA and other courses.  I have been the Hospital EMS Liaison at St. Mary's Hospital in Athens, GA since 2015.  I coordinate educational events, provide feedback to Medics that bring patients to St. Mary's and work with EMS to build relationships with the hospital to provide great patient care and outcomes.  I hope to bring some balance and experience to the GEMSA team.  I have several years of field, administrative and hospital experience that could prove beneficial.   I listen to, reason with and move to action for the Medics, it's what a Liaison should do. I think that is what the GEMSA Board Member does and I believe I can help GEMSA move forward being a part of the team. 

John T. Y. Smith

I have been employed by Gold Cross EMS since August of 2010 and currently serve as the Director of Operations. I am a Licensed National Registry Paramedic, a Level 3 Georgia EMS Instructor, the director of our IDTN Team, a Georgia Stroke Curriculum instructor, active in our health care coalition and a new appointee to the Region 6 EMS Advisory Council. It would be a privilege to serve on the Board and work together to grow our membership, continue to advocate for EMS and adequate funding as well as continuing the excellent programs offered by GEMSA.

Daniel Warren (incumbent)

Daniel Warren is a Nationally Registered paramedic, licensed by the State of Georgia.  He is a Flight Paramedic with Air Evac Lifeteam in Tift County, Ga.  He enjoys making memories with his two sons Noah and Easton.  Daniel began his career in public safety as a volunteer firefighter with Brooks County Fire Department in 2004.  He became a career fireman in early 2006 with the City of Quitman Fire Department after obtaining NPQ Firefighter I and II certifications.  By mid-2007, he was enrolled in a private, fast-track EMT-I program at the Regional EMS Training Academy.  He graduated the program as valedictorian.  After working for two years as an EMT-I, the decision was made to further his education in the field of EMS.  Daniel graduated as a paramedic in 2009, this time finishing in the top three in his class.  Daniel began working for Thomas County EMS as an EMT in 2009 while finishing paramedic school.  By mid-2010, he was promoted to Field Training Officer/Training Lieutenant. Through these positions, he has become licensed by the State of Georgia as a Level II EMT Instructor.  In addition, Paramedic Warren holds instructor certifications in multiple pre-hospital training programs.    I have served on the GEMSA board for one term (two years) and have seen/ been a part of some wonderful changes to "our" association.  While some great things have happened we still have a lot of work to do.  I would love the opportunity to continue to serve you and our profession. 

Rafe Waters (incumbent)

I began my EMS career in 1999 as an EMT-I with Tattnall and Toombs counties. I earned my Paramedic license in 2003 from Ogeechee Technical College and RN in 2018 from Albany State University. I am a Level III EMS instructor, and served as Director of EMS Programs at Swainsboro Technical College. Later I returned to Tattnall EMS and served as Assistant Director. In 2014 I began work full-time as a Flight Paramedic with Air Evac Lifeteam 95 Statesboro. Along with this, I remained with Tattnall County EMS as Director. In 2015, I became the Director for Air Evac Lifeteam 91 Vidalia.   I am a graduate of the 2013 GEMSA Leadership Course, and have continued to actively support each successive Leadership Course. I am also a charter member of the Georgia EMS Leadership Alumni, helping to create and approve the bylaws. I currently serve as Chairman for the Leadership Alumni.  Additionally, I serve as Chairperson for the Georgia Emergency Medical Services Preparedness Foundation. I serve as Chairman of the Southeastern Tech EMS advisory committee. I am member of the Region 9 EMS Council and the RTAC.  I also help coordinate and manage the Trauma Skills/ Cadaver Labs Statewide. 

Directors Division - Vice President Candidates

Jeffery D. Denney

I have been in EMS since 1991 and I serve as the Assistant Chief of Response for my agency. GEMSA has helped better my department in many ways so I would like to return the favor and serve on the board.  I am the Vice Chair for the Region 4 EMS Council and am our regions representative to EMSAC. As a part of my service to EMSAC I have helped a sub-committee who has made recommendations to our current ambulance zoning processes and I am also participating in a work group that will present a 5 year Strategic Plan to the State Office of EMS. Over the last year I have served as the Selection Committee Chair for the GEMSA Awards program  and was honored to create the "Remembrance" presentation for all of our fallen brothers and sisters. I also presented for the first time at this years Leadership conference at Lake Lanier. As an alumni of the EMS Leadership and Management Course I give back to that course as well and help present to the current students. If elected, I will always be available to help you with your agency's needs.

Jerry McCready

I have been with ems for almost 25 years from 911 paramedic to critical care paramedic to flight paramedic. This would include public and private services. I have recently been promoted to Program Director for Air-Evac. I have worked a little bit of everywhere across the state. I have been a field training officer, a clinical lead and an EMS director in the past. I am now in the GEMSA leadership course. I would like to be on the board to help with the goals that have been put into place. I have been a part of the conferences and have seen the work that has been done by the board. I feel that the work they have accomplished and still working on is important and would like to be a part of that. I think that with the wide range of experience I have in ems would help me in this position.

Thomas Perry

When I started in public safety I was blessed to be mentored by past chiefs and directors who all told me to leave this profession better than when I found it. With that as my goal, I’m asking for your vote to become a Vice President in the Directors Division for GEMSA.    In 1993, I started my time in the fire service as an Explorer with Monroe County Emergency Services. From that time until now, I’ve dedicated my life to public safety. I’m a Fire Chief, EMS Director, Instructor, Paramedic, EMA Director and past Police Department Major.  I am the 2016 EMAG EMA Director of the Year and the 2018 Region V EMS Director of the Year.    At MCES, our motto is to “Advance the Profession”. Since taking over in 2017, we have made huge strides to give our paramedics and EMTs the freedom to fully utilize their abilities and scope. I’ve pushed career paths, training opportunities, forward thinking guidelines and most importantly, the faith in their chosen profession. Written over my door is the phrase “Always a Fire/Medic First.” I won’t ever forget that. I want to bring that mindset to this position and work to advance every clinician at every service. 

Educators Division - Vice President Candidates

Marcus Crowe

I have worked in EMS for over 20 years with positions on ground ambulances, in The Emergency Department, and with fixed and rotor wing services.  I am a level III State instructor, and during the past 2 years I have started an EMS program at Morgan County High School.  I have a strong desire and the drive to further advance the educational opportunities for our profession. Thank you for your consideration. 

Herbert Denton

I began my EMS career in Brooks County in 2009. Since then I have dedicated myself to furthering my education by obtaining a Bachelors degree while working full-time for SGMC MHCS. During my 9 years at SGMC, I have served as a Field Training Officer where I was committed to ensuring those I helped train were given the very best training that was available. Since 2016, I have served as an Adjunct Instructor at SRTC and recently became lead AEMT Instructor for the Moultrie and Tifton Campus. Educating the future of EMS is not only a job to me but is very much a passion. The future of this profession is in the hands of every educator statewide. I would be honored to serve as the Educators Division VP so that I help move this profession into a more positive future with the assistance of great providers, directors, and physicians.

Becky Hill (incumbent)

Becky started her career as an Emergency Room Clerk at Newton General Hospital in Covington, GA in 1973. She decided that she needed more training and enrolled in the EMT program at DeKalb Tech in 1976. Becky had found her calling as she loved the excitement and enrolled in the Paramedic course at DeKalb Tech. She was only one of two females in the class.    After graduation from paramedic class in 1977, Becky was hired by Athens General Hospital EMS. She was the first female and paramedic who was hired by that service. After several years, she worked her way back to the Covington/Conyers area and worked for Newton General EMS and Rockdale EMS.    Becky worked at Rockdale Hospital for 5 years as an LPN, then left to work for a private physician. She still missed working EMS and went back to work for National EMS. In 1986, she started working for one of the largest EMS services in Georgia, DeKalb EMS. While working there, she spent 2 years in training, but still missed the street. She went back to working the streets of DeKalb County. She had been teaching for DeKalb Tech part-time since 1986 and was still doing that while working EMS full-time. A full-time teaching position came open and she was hired by her mentor Marian Wilderboar.    Becky continued to work at DeKalb Tech/GPTC until April 2018 when she retired with 30 years of service. She was recruited by Newton Fire Service and is working as their EMS Coordinator.  Becky is the past President of the Georgia EMS Association Educators and sits on the BOD for GEMSA. She is past Chairman of the Board of the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation and was very involved in their camp that helps injured children. She was the 2004 Instructor of the Year for Region 3 EMS. She holds an Associate Degree in Emergency Medicine from Eastern New Mexico University, Roswell NM. Becky is working on other educational endeavors and enjoys walking, music, and reading.

Chris Page

I began my career in public safety in 2005 as a volunteer firefighter for the Swainsboro Fire Department. After moving to Statesboro, GA to attend Georgia Southern University, I became a volunteer firefighter with the Bulloch County Fire Department which I am still a member of today. Once I graduated from GSU with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Management, I had a brief period in the financial industry. I quickly realized that was not my calling. I was called to help people. I took a full time job with the Statesboro Fire Department in 2011. Soon, I found myself teaching skills and classes for the fire department. I quickly realized that I wanted to do more, so I obtained my EMT license and then went on to become a Nationally Registered Paramedic. In 2016, I went to work at Emanuel County EMS. In 2017, I received my State of Georgia Level III instructor license. I taught my first full class the following year. Also in 2017, I began working at Bulloch County EMS.  In early 2019, I became the Program Director of Paramedicine Technology at Ogeechee Technical College. Educating emergency medical technicians and paramedics has become a passion of mine. I enjoy teaching and growing our profession so that we stay up to date on current issues to produce the best paramedics and EMTs. I currently teach BLS, ACLS, PALS, PHTLS and AMLS along with my paramedic classes. I promote our EMS profession in every class I teach to enhance the communities that we serve. GEMSA has progressed tremendously over the last decade and I want to continue that progression. I want to make sure we continue the funding of trauma courses that are free to providers with assistance from the Georgia Trauma Commission. I want to make sure that we continue to secure funding for grant approved EMT classes in our communities. Lastly, I want to promote our organization to increase membership to leverage the association better for a state EMS pension fund.

Becky Tyler

I worked as a Paramedic in Sumter, Crisp, Dooly and Coffee counties before moving to the metro Atlanta area in 2003. During my time in South Georgia, I worked county and private services. In 1991, I became an EMS Educator and have taught at several technical colleges and EMS services throughout Georgia. I have a Masters in Leadership Management which has afforded me opportunities to stay involved with EMS education and the changes that have occurred over the years.    Today, I teach college and own my own business where I serve as an Educator and consultant.    This is an exciting time for EMS education. I would be honored to work with GEMSA, the board members and EMS Educators as we move education forward for the next generation.

Providers Division - Vice President Candidate

Nicholas Adams (incumbent)

Nick launched his EMS career in 1992, when he joined a volunteer EMS agency in southwestern Virginia. Three years later, he relocated to Georgia and began serving with the Georgia Army National Guard, CareLine EMS (later American Medical Response) and Mountain Park Fire & Rescue.    In 1998, he embarked on a career with Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services where he currently holds the rank of Special Operations Lieutenant. Nick earned his Bachelor of Science—in Emergency Management—and Master of Public Administration degrees from Jacksonville State University.    A graduate of the 2015 GEMSA Leadership Course, Nick considers it both a privilege and an honor to serve on the GEMSA Board of Directors. Nick also serves as a lab manager for the Georgia Trauma Commission's Trauma Skills Cadaver Lab.  Nick lives in Marietta with his wife Emily and their two children: Ben and Ian.

Medical Directors Division - Vice President Candidate

No nominees

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